Big Paris Tour

Tours Info

Passengers :

1 to 3 by golf cart

Duration :

1 hour 30mins

Price :

20O €

Spoken languages :

English, Spanish and French

Meeting point :

Grand Palais



Take your Paris exploration to the next level with our Big Paris Tour—this 90-minute excursion covers the city’s most iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

 Ideal for couples, families, or close friends who want an intimate touring experience.

Dive deeper into Parisian culture with this extended tour.

A perfect balance of luxury and value, providing an in-depth tour experience.

Our expert guides converse in multiple languages to make you feel at home.

Meeting Point: Grand Palais — Start your expansive journey with this masterpiece of glass and steel.

What You’ll Explore:

Eiffel Tower: The iconic tower that is a must-see for any Paris visitor.

Arc de Triomphe: Another stunning monument that epitomizes French glory.

Hotel des Invalides: Explore the rich military history that this site encapsulates.

Pont Alexandre III: A bridge that showcases the epitome of Parisian elegance.

Place de la Concorde: A monumental square that has seen historic events.

Le Louvre: Witness the exterior of this world-renowned art sanctuary.

Notre Dame de Paris: A masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Le Pont Neuf: The oldest standing bridge across the river Seine.

St Germain Des Pres: Feel the artistic soul of Paris in this neighborhood.

Saint Michel: Known for its lively atmosphere and historic sites.

Embark on a Paris golf cart tour that’s unlike any other. Our Big Paris Tour offers an unparalleled, unique Paris tour experience led by expert guides who bring the city to life.

With our golf cart tour in Paris, you will effortlessly navigate the city’s narrow lanes and grand boulevards. Enjoy private Paris tours that can be customized to your interests.

Elevate your Paris trip with one of the most unique tours in Paris. Book the Big Paris Tour now


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