Classic Paris Tour

Tours Info

Passengers :

1 to 3 by golf cart

Duration :

1 hour

Price :

15O €

Spoken languages :

English, Spanish and French

Meeting point :

Grand Palais

Experience Paris like never before. Our Classic Paris Tour provides a captivating one-hour ride through the city’s most legendary sites.

Passengers – 1 to 3 per golf cart — Ideal for individuals, couples, or a small group. Share the experience with loved ones or make new friends.

Duration – 1 hour — Spend 60 minutes soaking up Paris’s beauty, culture, and history.

Price – 150€ — A remarkable experience that offers value and a broad exploration of Paris.

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish, and French 

Our multilingual guides ensure language isn’t a barrier in your journey of discovery.

Meeting Point: Grand Palais — A monumental venue that perfectly complements the grandeur of your tour.

What You’ll See:

Eiffel Tower: Behold the grandeur of this world-famous monument.

Arc de Triomphe: Marvel at this iconic symbol of French national pride.

Hotel des Invalides: Discover the military might and rich history encapsulated here.

Pont Alexandre III: Admire the artistry of this incredibly ornate bridge.

Place de la Concorde: Feel the weight of history at this monumental square.

Le Louvre: Glimpse one of the world’s most famous art museums.

Musée d’Orsay: See where some of the world’s best Impressionist art resides.

Le Grand Palais: Conclude your tour at this Beaux-Arts masterpiece.

The Classic Paris Tour is not just a Paris golf cart tour; it’s a unique venture that dives deep into the city’s essence. Our tours in Paris are conducted by some of the best tour guides in Paris, ensuring an enriching and unforgettable experience.

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